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The accumulation of unsecured and undestroyed documents can put your company and your clients at risk. In addition to the legal consequences associated with a breach of confidential information, your business may also be impacted by the effects of:

  • Regulatory non-compliance
  • Exorbitant breach notification costs
  • Loss of clients
  • Negative publicity

Organizations that regularly destroy sensitive records that are no longer needed have the upper hand when it comes to information security. Not sure what to shred? Click the photo to enlarge for a helpful list.

Regular and thorough destruction of your sensitive information

Docu-Dépôt provides our clients with a more sound and secure way to dispose of their confidential business records. Our scheduled shredding solution eliminates the need for costly paper shredding machines that are prone to malfunction, often misused and sometimes altogether ignored. We handle the collection and shredding for you so you can continue growing your business!

The secure shred collection containers we place within your office facilitate convenient and timely disposal of documents. Entire files can be placed within a container without removing staples, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. Once your containers are filled, one of our professional shredding technicians will arrive at your business, pick up the containers and either transport them to our offsite shredding facility or shred your records onsite at your facility. Once the process has been completed, you are issued a Certificate of Destruction.

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Minimize the risk of a data breach in your business

Docu-Dépôt’s scheduled shredding service can help your business eliminate the risk of a costly data breach. We’ll expertly assess your document disposal needs and implement a scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly shredding solution that ensures secure and convenient destruction of your business records. As a result, you’ll never again have to worry about:

  • Employee time spent on shredding
  • Sensitive documents lazily tossed in a waste bin
  • Files not being shredded in a timely manner
  • Improper chain of custody

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