FAQ about Paper Shredding

While many companies benefit from outsourcing paper shredding, you still need to be assured that this is the right decision for your business. Asking the right questions can help. Here are answers to frequently-asked questions about paper shredding:

You do not need to remove staples, paperclips and binders from your documents. Our industrial-grade shredders are designed to quickly shred paper and non-paper items.

Each paper shredding project is unique and involves a number of criteria, including: 

  • Volume and type of paper
  • Business vs. residential shredding
  • Onsite or offsite document destruction
  • Regional location of client

We thoroughly evaluate your shredding needs to provide you with the most value.

Yes, we are. Docu-Dépôt follows strict protocols to protect your confidential documents. As a NAID AAA Certified paper shredding provider, we meet strict regulations and are periodically surprise-audited by NAID inspectors.

NAID stands for the National Association for Information Destruction, the authoritative, non-profit, standards-setting body for the information destruction industry. NAID gives their AAA Certification to paper shredding companies that pass rigorous, unannounced audits in the following areas:

  • Employee hiring and screening practices
  • Operational security standards
  • Destruction processes and methods
  • Insurance liability

To achieve and maintain our NAID AAA Certification, we must meet and continuously exceed rigorous shredding and destruction standards. Choosing our shredding service ensures you receive the highest level of privacy protection during the destruction of your confidential and sensitive information.

Our background-checked, professionally-trained shredding technicians destroy your documents. Each technician is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. They follow strict chain of custody procedures when handling, transporting and shredding your information.

All Docu-Dépôt employees have been are criminal background-checked, and our drivers receive extensive training and additional verification. Employee re-screening is done on a regular basis.

Yes, we give you a Certificate of Confidential Destruction after your documents are destroyed.

We can destroy your documents on-site at your home, but you might consider bringing your paper to our facility on Friday afternoons for secure shredding.

If scheduled, recurring shredding services aren’t a good fit for you, we can destroy your documents on an as-needed basis. One-time purge services are ideal for organizations that need reliable document destruction quarterly or annually. We deliver shredding collection containers to your office in advance of your document purge project and pick them up when you’re ready. You can choose to have your records destroyed onsite at your business or home, or offsite at our shredding plant.

Outsourced paper shredding is much easier and more secure than doing your own shredding. We place locked collection containers in your office, free of charge. You simply drop documents and even whole files inside without having to remove staples, paper clips or folders. Unlike destroying your documents in-house, we destroy them with chain of custody processes that reduce the risk of identity theft and privacy breaches.

Docu-Dépôt provides NAID AAA Certified paper shredding services for businesses in Greater Montréal and the province of Québec. For more information about our paper shredding services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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